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This blog shares stories of faith that touch the heart, mind and soul of readers and listeners. We have already filled a book with 72 of the stories (Story Tour: The Journey Begins) and hope to publish another soon.

The rabbi has tried to add at least one new story each week, with the hope of strengthening faith and understanding through the many readers and communities.  Due to rising expenses and the need to work longer hours and harder, his stories have become less frequent.

People of all ages enjoy stories more than any other form of entertainment.  They laugh, cry, smile, and sigh as they enjoy age-old lessons and tales of communities throughout the world.  They can travel through time with but a whisper.

Spiritual storytellers traveled from community to community to strengthen the heart and soul of all people. The stories told of greatness, nobility, and wisdom while at the same time raising the hopes for a better tomorrow.

This spiritual storyteller shares stories that contain wondrous, lofty, and healing messages that each person understands in their own way.  the stories shared by this spiritual storyteller  will arouse the heart and elevate spirituality so one can see the Holy Sparks in every day deeds.

The plain, simple meaning of the spiritual storyteller’s stories strongly motivate a person toward the Holy One, blessed be He.  All the stories consist of mysteries, wonder, beauty, honor and spirituality, aside from their secret meanings, they have a great power to uplift everyone and help them on their spiritual journey.

All the stories are offered to you, entirely for free.  Unfortunately, it is not also free to us!  The dollar costs of having a large and popular website hosted, and as the site continues to grow and become more popular, these monetary and time costs also continue to increase.

What was originally, in 2007, a spare time ‘hobby’ costing almost nothing and representing a few hours a week of time commitment evolved into a project demanding a lot of time and expense.  The highest cost is the time cost – working on this site many hours a week. This is all very good, and we’re delighted at the steady growth in popularity of our site, but please don’t let us become victims of our own ‘success’!

No income from the Story Tour Blog has been realized, and so, if you feel you’ve received some value, or would like to help support the site’s ongoing presence, please reciprocate.  Any donation would be much appreciated and will help to keep the site online and growing.

 You can simply send a donation securely and instantly via Paypal by clicking on the icon below.  Or, if you prefer, you’re welcome to send money to:


3911 Rosecrest Ave

Baltimore  MD 21215

If you’re sending money through the mail, please be sure to include your email address so I can let you know it arrived and personally thank you.

Many thanks for your help.

Shana Tobesman



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