Rabbi Rachmiel Tobesman


Rabbi Available for Funerals, Shiva, and Unveilings

With over 25 years of experience, Rabbi Rachmiel Tobesman is a chaplain, teacher of the Torah and a storyteller. His experience and time spent in different areas of the country has seasoned him into a versatile rabbi able to meet the needs of Jewish people throughout the spectrum of observance. Rabbi Tobesman has served on the chevra kadisha (Burial Society) in many areas and has written books addressing Jewish funeral rituals and grief for children.

When a loved one passes, the family is often at a loss for direction. This is where the qualified, experienced rabbi can be of great practical help as well as spiritual comfort. Rabbi Tobesman as an integral part of the Chevra Kadisha (Burial Society) and is very familiar with many of the aspects of death and mourning. He will guide you through the maze of choices that bewilder families at this sensitive time.

The Jewish funeral customs aim to honor the deceased in prayer, ritual and rite. The end-of-life ritual in Judaism is designed to afford the family of a loved one an expression of grief and a healing after the tear in the family and community caused by death. It provides a time to reminisce about a life well lived and well-loved in the heart of family and friends. This time calls for the caring and nurturing of a professional clergyman, well versed in the Jewish customs of generations and the sensitivities of today.

Rabbi Rachmiel Tobesman is that rabbi, one whose eulogies are pointed and pertinent, personal and professional. Whether speaking alone or in conjunction with you, the family from the pulpit, Rabbi Tobesman delivers eulogy, literally, good thoughts, in the most appropriate manner. Utilizing stories, prayers, and readings both ancient and modern, in Hebrew and in English, He provides a quality Service, one that will surely uplift and bring meaning and closure as the process of grief begins.


Rabbi Tobesman will deliver an inspiring and meaningful, spiritual service that will be tailored to your family, officiating at chapel, graveside, cryptside, or memorial service. As your rabbi, he will present your service, according to your wishes.

Additionally, on request, Rabbi Tobesman can arrange for and lead services during the memorial week, shiva, and make sure that the memorial prayer, Kaddish, will be recited for the traditional year-long mourning period, as prescribed by our Tradition.

Jewish custom presents us with the opportunity to remember our loved one soon after death -- anywhere from one month to one year after the passing. This is the Unveiling of the monument to our dearly beloved. Rabbi Rachmiel Tobesman creates a dignified remembrance ceremony, tailored to the family and its desires and needs, presenting the best that tradition and modernity have to offer. We loved our dear one in life; we honor our dear one, even after his or her passing. This is the Jewish way.




The Rabbi honorarium/Fee covers the time devoted to you and your family and many other factors:

  • in-person meetings with travel time

  • email

  • telephone

  • To physically be there to perform the Tahara and other ritual preparations for the funeral

  • To physically be there on the day of the funeral and to officiate the funeral.

  • To be sure all of the Jewish funeral elements are observed and led in the utmost respect of Jewish Law and utmost respect for the family of the deceased so they are comforted in their grief.

  • Travel is an important factor for the rabbi to be at your location and additional travel costs for destination, and or long distance travel are born by the family.


The base fee can range from $550 to $2500 depending on services rendered (not including travel arrangements).

The set fee was put into place because so many requests came in asking for a set fee as opposed to the acceptance of a donation.

Please contact Rabbi Tobesman through Chevra Ed chevraed@projectshalom2.org