Rabbi Rachmiel Tobesman

Long before pen was set to paper, legends and stories were used to share knowledge, comfort those in pain and to connect one generation to another.  The stories were entertaining, educational and comforting. Religious leaders throughout time have used many a tale and parables to teach valuable lessons of morals and hope. 

The stories have a lot of important clues about your family, history, what we believe in, and even about how you are special.  The stories are truly a treasure that links one generation of your family to another.

Sometimes the stories have secrets that can only be found in the listening. Here is:


The Rose's Tale

“Roses are like people. They live in mitzvos (deeds), not in time. My fame was brief...."


A Pendant of Memories

All was quiet except the sound of a soft breeze. A young boy maybe thirteen stared outside into the endless night sky. Although the boy's eyes stared at the night sky his mind was far far away.

All he could think about was his mother......



The Beggar at the Wedding

"Stranger! You are still our guest beneath our roof. If you would repay our hospitality this day just grant me one little favour. Take me with my husband to the Eternal Judge and I will ask Him whether His holy word in the Law is true....

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